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Project Description
Umbraco datatype that extends standard Media Picker with image preview.

IMPORTANT: Works in Umbraco v4.0.1 and higher.

How it looks

After you have selected an image using Media Picker With Preview the image preview is shown

What do you need to make it work is just follow the steps below:

1. Download the Media Picker With Preview package.
2. Install dowloaded package in Umbraco Client (Developer -> Packages -> Install Local Packages)
3. And that's it! Now you can use new "Media Picker with Preview" data type.


You can make some configuration of Media Picker with Preview.
The Maximum Width and Maximum Height of the preview area can be changed (Developer -> Data Types -> Media Picker with Preview). The default values are 500 for width and 200 for height.

Applying to the existing media fields

If you want to apply the Media Picker with Preview to the existing fields of Media Picker type you should change the "Database datatype" setting of Media Picker with Preview data type to "Integer" ("NText" is set by default) and then just change the data type property of your fields to Media Picker with Preview.

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